Frequently Asked Questions



·       Q – Who/What are we?

o   We’re an online business application provider. We offer monthly subscriptions which include a suite of tools for developing and managing your workspace. Since we’re a subscription service, your monthly charge covers all maintenance and backups as well as free upgrades. You’ll never have to worry about buying hardware, software or paying someone to manage your IT. We back up your database nightly and move it offsite. Let us train you on our ‘no programming’ tools and see just how Simple can grow your business. We also provide professional services for a more custom solution. We know that once you start using our tools, you’ll stop paying for other software.

·       What products do you offer?

o   We have a long list of products and services that are all geared towards streamlining your daily tasks and helping with business collaboration. It would take too long to list all of the services, but here are some of our best sellers:

o   Internet

§  Web Development

§  Domain/Web hosting

§  Email hosting

o   Simple Online Workspace

§  Time clock/Payroll

§  Human Resources Management

§  Document Sharing

§  Customer collaboration tools for

·        Requesting quotes

·        Validating contracts

·        Printing invoices

·        Printing receipts

·        Mass marketing via email

§  Shared calendars

§  Online reporting

§  Sales CRM Tools

§  Built in email notification

§  A data relationship method that is cutting edge and can change the way you do business.

o   Of course, every instance of Simple Software’s Workspace comes with a suite of tools to manage and customize your workspace and all of our tools are designed to be Simple. Think Microsoft Access, only easier and online!

§  Database Tool – Allows you to import existing spreadsheets and will automatically create the table and web forms for you to interface with the data. You can also create your own tables and edit columns as needed. You can relate tables or records on the fly.

§  Application Manager – Allows you to manage all applications running in your workspace. You can even upload existing applications or create restricted views to existing tables. If you decide to change a table in the Database Tool, you can automatically have the web form regenerated by clicking a button! NO PROGRAMMING!

§  User Management - A simple way of adding users to the system and selecting what they can see!

§  File Manager – This lets you customize your Workspace by uploading images or edit files directly. Version control allows you to revert back to any point.

·       Q – How long does it take to set up?

o   We can have your site up in just a few minutes. I can have an account rep come by your office as soon as tomorrow to add your employees and train you how to use it. We’ve found that this usually takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the size of your company. How many employees do you have?

·       Q -How much?

o   The cost is based on the number of employees in your company, so it can vary. Our setup fee is $250 for every 10 employees. This includes adding all employees to the system; training you how to generate payroll; getting you familiar with the suite of tools that come with your workspace. We also provide training material, “how-to” videos, and an online resource center with extensive documentation and FAQ’s. There is a monthly fee of $5/user and an additional fee of $1/user for each additional application.


·       Q – What is Timeclock and what can it do for my company?

o   Time clock is an easy way to immediately save your company time and money. Track employee time using an online punch card system. When it’s time to do payroll, just click a button and everything else is done for you. No more adding up timesheets, making errors in payroll, or losing productivity due to long breaks.   

·       Q – How do my employees clock in/out?

o   Each employee is given a username and password to your company’s Simple Software website. From any internet ready computer, they simply login then clock in or out. The rest is automatically tracked and calculated.

·       Q – What if they miss a punch?

o   We have a timecard that allows the employee’s supervisor to make changes. The employee may view the timecard, but not edit it. This has proven a very successful technique and everyone can see how many hours they have worked before payroll is generated.

·       Q – How is payroll generated?

o   It’s as simple as selecting a pay period and clicking a button. A spreadsheet is then downloaded to your computer which has a breakdown of every employee’s hours and the amount they should be paid. This can then be uploaded to your payroll system once it’s been approved. The hard part has been taken care of by having your employee’s clock in and out or by adding their time card.

·       Q – How much does it cost?

o   Timeclock costs $5 a month per employee. This is in addition to the user cost defined above. It will pay for itself many times over with the time saved in payroll and long breaks.

Email us at or call at 415-252-7207. We can help you decide which products can work for you.